by Tad James, M.S., Ph.D.

There is exciting news in the field of dis-ease (intentional misspelling)! Old concepts about the nature of consciousness and the body are changing. We have been using many of these concepts in Time Line Therapy for several years, and some of the other concepts are new.

Changing our belief systems about the mind-body connection and its influence on health is important to assist people in healing themselves and facilitating others. Some of the more exciting conceptual work on the healing process has been done by Deepak Chopra. He says that the body is a quantum mechanical device. He has given us a new paradigm for the body rejuvenation processes, revising ache former seven year time frame to an estimated 98% rejuvenation yearly! Chopra’s concepts are vital as we structure the metaphors for treatment. Another important notion of quantum biology is that consciousness is not localized to any one place.

After more than 20 years of research we know there is a group of chemicals called neuropeptides in the brain throughout all organs and tissues the body. Each thought, feeling, desire, instinct, or drive you have affects your nervous system by means these specific messenger molecules. When scientists investigated immune system cells that protect us from cancer and infection (t-cells, for example), they found that receptors to these same neuropeptides existed in those cells.

Since the unconscious mind (also known as the “body mind”) is the controlling intelligence in the body, it is the connection between the mind and the immune system. A breakthrough in mind-body communication and assisting healing with this connection is Time Line Therapy techniques. This method has the potential of releasing trapped emotions as well as limiting decisions and beliefs from memories in a very short period of time through a series of steps. A primary premise of Time Line Therapy is that the conscious mind can communicate with any part of the body and can stimulate the healing process.

Negative emotions connected to memories and trapped in the body are not conducive to health, and that is why we release them. Another premise of Time Line Therapy is that many mental, emotional and physical diseases are preceded by a significant negative emotional experience (SEE). A first event means the very first time that in experience happened, or the root cause of a first event. Significant emotional experience is any major, fully associated, highly charged emotional event. These experiences have the potential to create and often are the source of dis-ease and impact the quality of life because they are stored in the body.

The supportive work of Dr. Paul Goodwin, a neural physicist at Alaska Pacific University, indicates that trapped emotions in the body can create functional (software, non-physical) boundaries which can impede the flow of nerve information through the neural network pathways and lead to problems. Advancing this notion is the work f Dr. Hammer of Germany. His work began with a personal tragedy when his teenage son was killed. Several years later, Dr. Hammer developed cancer and survived. He began to research over 10,000 cases, studying the incidence of severe emotional trauma and the onset of cancer.

Dr. Hammer directly states that all cancer starts with a severe psychological conflict and when a major SEE occurs, there is trapped emotion in the brain. The brain suffers something like a mild stroke and starts sending wrong information to a specific part of the body, and a cancer growth or lesion starts there. Evidence shows that the onset of cancer symptoms occurs one to three years after the SEE. The nature of the SEE determines the area of the brain, the type of cancer, and the rate of its growth. Even a small imagined conflict SEE can be enough to start or restart the cancer symptoms. As soon as the SEE is released, immediately an edema occurs in the area where the trapped emotions were.

This can be seen on a CT-Scan! Once this occurs, the cancer growth stops and healing begins. Evidence is clear and the results are in. How do you know if you have something to release from a past memory? Go back to a memory that does not contain a trauma or phobia and associate into it by putting yourself into the picture and looking through your own eyes. If you remember the memory and you feel any negative emotions in your body, then that is an indication there is negative emotional content to the memory, and trapped emotion in your body. Now, other than disease, why get rid of trapped negative emotions, decisions and beliefs? Not only does releasing these clear up physical health, it also has the potential to improve mental and emotional health.

Freedom from the past contributes to an overall improved quality of life, along with motivation and confidence to successfully create the future! A person who has experienced deep hurt in a relationship may not be able to engage in an enjoyable, lasting relationship until they release and heal that memory. A salesperson who experienced rejection, or someone embarrassed when speaking in a group, will not feel confident and comfortable asking for the sale or talking out in groups or with strangers until releasing the emotions, beliefs, and decisions that block and limit them. Any memory that triggers anger, hurt, sadness, fear or guilt has room for healing and release We have had excellent results in assisting people to relieve symptom-ology with Time Line Therapy techniques.

As with any non-traditional approach, anyone with a life threatening disease should see a medical doctor first. Clients, students and Secret of Creating Your Future Seminar participants have reported amazing results consistent with the findings presented here.

There is hope! Now, there is a content-free, non-intrusive, quick and lasting method to free and heal yourself! About the author: Tad James, M.S., Ph.D., is one of the most knowledgeable and dynamic international leaders in the field of Accelerated Human Change Technology. He is a Certified Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), creator of Time Line Therapy techniques, President of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy, and Director of Training and Research for Advanced Neuro Dynamics.

For a bibliography or more information, contact Advanced Neuro Dynamics at (800) 800-MIND (6463). Time Line Therapy ™ is a registered trade mark licensed to the Time Line Therapy Association. The Secret of Creating Your Future (R) and Creating Your Future (R) are registered trademarks licensed to Advanced Neuro Dynamics.


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